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At The Lotus Spa, we believe that treatment doesn’t end when you walk out the door. We believe that maintenance and consistent care can make a powerful difference in your skin. We carry medical-grade skincare products for your convenience that we stand by in our promise to put you, our client, first. We can come up with a plan uniquely designed with your skin in mind.



BIHADA – 美肌 – ‘beautiful skin’
Introducing Bihada! The Lotus Spa’s private label of skin care products.

The first product we have to share with you is sunscreen! Perfect for the summer, these have been specifically selected to bring the highest quality of products our clients are accustomed to.

If you love EltaMD sunscreens and Revision’s Intellishade line, you will absolutely love these products!

You can purchase Bihada products in-store or during consultation and visits.


Stratphrama was founded in Basel during 2005. They are a global medical devices and pharmaceutical company. They have a variety of products that focus on aesthetic medicine, dermatology, plastic surgery, wound care and women’s health. Some of their products include professional scar therapy gel, stretch mark treatment, radiation dermatitis treatment and more.


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