Love your skin. We do.

Our Mission

The Lotus Spa is here to provide aesthetics needs to everyone through an honest, transparent and collaborative partnership.

We envision to be the #1 sought after medspa for laser services and injectables. Everyone deserves the paragon of aesthetic care. The Lotus Spa delivers such care through honesty, compassion and professional expertise.

Conveniently located in downtown Raleigh, we offer a wide range of med spa services. The Lotus Spa is owned and operated by Nurse Practitioner, Ashley Baxter.

We specialize in lasers and injectables. Our experienced team can treat all skin types, conditions, and concerns., Laser, IPL, Peels and more are available. Enjoy advanced med spa treatments in a beautiful, serene setting.

The meaning is a new beginning. One that can grow a beautiful flower out of the murkiest of waters. It’s a double meaning. Both are very personal and filled with deep emotion. After an unexpected loss 10 years ago, this spa was a new beginning.

“It’s also a new beginning for each client that walks through those doors and trusts me to guide them through their journey of transformation. Skincare, laser hair removal, and injectables are life changing for many.”

“Traveling for work this week and a total stranger was gushing over my skin. This would not have happened a year ago. Photo facial, revision skin care and big huge thank you to Ashley!” 


“My first experience at the Lotus Spa was amazing! Ashley is so patient and informative. I look forward to the future with her. She’s got a client here for probably at least a year! Thank you Ashley!”


“Ashley has been a miracle worker with my skin this past year. Love her she is awesome!” 


“Ashley is amazing! The office is clean, relaxing, and comfortable. I’ve been getting laser removal treatments for the past 6 months and have had only great experiences here. Ashley is super sweet and trustworthy. She is also super flexible with switching around appointments if needed. I am so happy I found this place!” 


“Ashley is an incredible asset to the skincare profession! I have been just twice and seen such improvements in my skin tone and wrinkle reduction. Ashley is kind , compassionate and skilled. Her knowledge of what the skin type responds to is astounding. I am so very thankful I found her. She is a gift to all that find their way to her door.”


“Ashley did an amazing job, and I’d recommend her to anyone. I was looking for someone who could safely eliminate the hair causing bumps on my neck, and thats exactly what I found. Not only is my neck smooth now and bump free after the 6 quick laser treatments, but I also have not been burned or discolored in any way. This is a common concern among laser recipients with darker skin, and as the picture shows, this has not happened, and my skin irritating hair is completely gone. Great Job!”